Mosanco Enchanted Cafe The Fairytale Garden – A 24-Hour Secret Hideout

Esther Yeon
Esther Yeon
February 02, 2021

Themed cafes may usually be associated with overpriced subpar food. It is also usually overrated, and you’ll probably not go back there again. However, Mosanco Enchanted Cafe is here to change your mind. The beautifully-designed space, good food, and excellent coffee, will draw you back here. What’s more, it makes a good hideout on days that you just want to chill out, or on the nights where you need to chiong assignments and projects due at 2359, as the cafe is open 24 hours. This is the next best option besides the big coffee chains. You’re welcome.

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Let’s talk about their interior and the overall layout before we get to the food. It’s really 10/10 ambience inside the cafe and even more so on the outside. Especially in the birdcage seating area, where I sat with my food adventure companion. I think it makes a nice place for a Sunday afternoon date. You might just be able to live your fantasy of being in a fairytale love story for maybe just that 2 hours.

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We got a Crème Brûlée drink ($5.90), Ondeh x Espresso ($6.50), Truffle Mushroom with Scrambled Eggs Toast ($12.90) and a Belgium Chocolate Crepe Cake ($8.90).

mosanco cafe-05

Zooming in on the drinks first as it’s what I really came for. Having tasted their signature white cold brew previously when my friend gifted it to me, I was really excited to try their freshly-made coffee. I decided to go with the Ondeh x Espresso drink as they had a little logo beside it on the menu, signifying that it’s a speciality. It’s also one of their original concoctions. It didn’t disappoint one bit and I was really impressed too!

mosanco cafe-03

Almost everything that goes into this drink is self-made in the cafe, from the toasting of the coconut flakes to the gula melaka syrup and coconut cream. The overall taste was pleasant. and very much like ondeh ondeh. I would say that it’s a really good take on infusing local flavours into Western coffee. Also, because all the components that make up the drink are prepared in-store, it doesn’t have the artificial taste that comes from wholesale pandan and gula melaka syrups.

mosanco cafe-08

The Crème Brûlée drink, on the other hand, was a little too sweet for me. Then again, I don’t have a sweet tooth so maybe that’s why. It was really enjoyable on my first few sips and it did taste like crème brûlée!

mosanco cafe-09

The drink is made up of vanilla, hazelnut syrup, and milk, with a layer of torched sugar on top — just like the dessert. Just that not all the sugar gets caramelised, and there might be chunks of sugar floating around in the drink! To go on a sugar rush or not? Hmmm.

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Now, here comes the Truffle Mushroom with Scrambled Eggs Toast. It’s part of the all-day brunch menu at Mosanco. Breakfast for dinner? You know where to go. This dish consists of a slice of toasted sourdough, baked truffled mushroom, scrambled eggs and mixed salad.

mosanco cafe-15

The eggs were nice and fluffy, but perhaps lacking a little in terms of flavour. Maybe more salt and pepper or truffle oil drizzle would do the trick.

mosanco cafe-07

I thoroughly enjoyed the mixed salad though. Funnily enough, it was seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper, which made it light yet appetising which is rare as accompanying side salads are usually too drenched in sauce or too bland. The real MVP of this dish was the truffled mushrooms, hands down. The truffle aroma was not overwhelming and was only unleashed in full when I bit into the mushroom. Well seasoned, toasted to perfection, and juicy. This is the real deal y’all.

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Last but not least, the Belgium Chocolate Crepe Cake. I’ve had my reservations when ordering this, as I am not a fan of chocolate. And this didn’t convert me.  Well, I guess this is not what most people come for, but if you love a creamy cake, this is definitely something you need to try!

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In a nutshell, I would say that this will be one of my go-to cafes if anyone asks me to recommend a cafe. The prices are reasonable and the staff are friendly too! Escape responsibility and reality in this enchanting place for a little while today! Check out their other concepts like The Cave and The Rain Forest too!

Mosanco Enchanted Cafe The Fairytale Garden

Address: 88 Rangoon Road, #01-04,
Singapore 218374

Mobile: 8813 1086


Email Address:

Area: Central

Opening Hours: 24 hours Daily, on Public Holidays too.

Cuisine: Western

Facebook: made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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