Feast Your Way to Prosperity with New Moon Abalone

January 11, 2020

This coming Lunar New Year, bask in the full splendour of the season and indulge in the coveted New Moon abalone during your celebratory reunion dinner, or show your appreciation by gifting loved ones with a range of New Moon Abalone.

Established in 1959, New Moon is the No. 1 Best Selling Abalone Brand in Singapore. Every can of New Moon Abalone is stringently crafted, and packs only the finest abalone in a signature braised or brine that is lovingly made according to a guarded 60-year recipe.

New Moon adopts a “ocean to plate” concept. This means that every stage of handling is carefully regulated. The abalones are harvested by teams of experienced and dedicated divers who understand the principles of quality and sustainable utilization of resources.


Sourced only from the purest of oceans, the best-in-class, premium-grade abalones from New Moon is a true delicacy suitable fit for any festive occasion, New Moon Abalones have become synonymous with freshness, great taste, and exquisite quality.

The country of origin impacts the taste profile and texture of abalones. Purity, quality of seawater and the intensity of ocean current are just a few of the many elements that give abalones its unique taste and characteristics.

This Chinese New Year, prepare a feast for your loved ones using New Moon Abalone. If you are unsure what kind of Chinese New Year dishes you can whip up with New Moon Abalones, we are here to help!


Haliotis Rubra is the species of New Moon Australian Baby Abalone. It is naturally hand-harvested on southern coasts – one of the cleanest oceans in the world. The abalones are hand-fed daily on a 100% natural diet with essential nutrients, and harvested by trained team after 3 years. The naturally white flesh abalone is available in two flavours — Brine & Imperial Braised.


Yu Sheng and abalone make the perfect pair. Toss to higher heights with New Moon Abalone!

Before the tossing begins, the dish needs to be prepared by adding the ingredients one by one in specific order, while reciting wishes of luck and prosperity evoked by the names of the ingredients used.





Native only to Australian waters, which has one of the world’s shortest recreational fishing seasons, New Moon Australia Wild Abalone is wild-caught sustainably from shallow waters to depths as deep as 50 meters. It is widely prized for its pearl white appearance, lusciously tender texture and exquisite flavour. Best served with braised dishes or stew.


We braised New Moon Australia Wild Abalone with cauliflower, mushrooms, scallops, sea cucumber and more. The longer the abalone is braised, the better it tastes! It goes really well with a simple bowl of rice and all other Chinese New Year dishes.



New Moon Royale Braised South African Abalone, also known as Perlemoen, is endemic to South African Waters. The abalone has a fresh flavor and a cream-colored appearance. The succulent texture of the abalone is one of the attributes of New Moon South African abalone. It is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of Chinese New Year dishes such as steamboat, pen cai, yusheng or porridge.


We decided to top our pen cai (盆菜) with these beautiful gems by adding premium New Moon South Africa Abalone which symbolise goodness and auspicious meanings. Experience a taste of opulence that will leave your mouth watering.




New Moon Mexico Wild Abalone is the most exclusive abalone range in the world. They are grown in pristine, clear waters with the right salinity and temperature. The prevailing surf over the waters forces abalones to exert their muscles when they move during feeding. This makes the abalone meat more supple and delicious.

This is considered the crème de la crème of abalone. You can slice it to make abalone sashimi or pair it with noodles or pasta. True lovers of abalone will eat the delicacy as it is, or coat it lightly with soy sauce.



New Zealand abalone (Haliotis iris) is a highly prized delicacy. Living close to the shore, it feeds on an abundance of fine kelp and seaweed. These food sources impart special flavour to the abalones, and attributes that abound through its textured meat.

New Moon New Zealand Abalone (wild catch) is renowned for its distinctive and delectable taste. Plus, it is rich in proteins, vitamins, and low in carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol.


During Chinese New Year, these New Moon New Zealand Abalone can be used for steamboat or soup dishes. We added the brine into the soup for an additional seafood flavour. And we sliced up the abalone into thin pieces and cook them in the soup for 5 seconds. Chinese New Year reunions are elevated to new heights with New Moon Abalone!





This Chinese New Year, impress your family, friends and business associates with the limited edition New Moon Premium Treasure 3s Gift Set.

Each box comes with an adorable Prosperity Cat watermark imprint that signifies great prosperity. Each gift set carries one can of New Moon New Zealand Abalone, New Moon Australia Abalone, and New Moon Australia Abalone 4-7pcs each. It can be re-used as a tissue box.



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New Moon Abalone is available islandwide at selected FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Supermarket, Cold Storage, Giant, Cheers, Sheng Shiong, Caltex, at RSP of $128.80 (Note: Tissue Box design, Abalone variants in set & RSP may vary between different retailers).


Hope these Chinese New Year dishes serve as an inspiration to you. On behalf of New Moon Abalone, we wish you a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! HUAT AH!

This post is brought to you by New Moon.