Level Up Your Hotpot Game with Nissin’s Udon!

January 12, 2022

After the turkey, it’s time to prepare hot pot for Chinese New Year. My family loves to gather around a bubbling pot of soup to celebrate. The great thing about a hot pot party is, it’s easy to prepare and very affordable. Plus, everybody has an opportunity to try out a variety of things, as well as enjoy their favorites.

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Now you can up your hotpot game as Nissin Foods Singapore has recently launched its latest frozen udon series. There are three types of udon for you to choose from:

• Nissin Sanuki Udon Bonito Flavour
• Nissin Sanuki Udon Curry Flavour
• Nissin Hokkaido Wheat Flour Udon
Sanuki Udon is one of the traditional foods in Kagawa Prefecture. Known for its light and chewy texture, it has a faint aroma of wheat each time you chew. And you can definitely taste it in Nissin’s udon.



For the most classic flavour, go for Nissin Udon with Bonito Flavour. It comes with a seasoning sauce pack which you can add into any hotpot soup. The light and clear dashi broth has a lovely umami from the bonito which highlights the smooth and chewy texture of Nissin Sanuki Udon.

It’s very simple and straightforward, but the result is superb. Bonito flavour is very versatile and it can be used to cook anything – vegetables, seafood or meat. Plus, if you have a guest that does not eat spicy food, it’s very helpful to have the mild broth available.



If you are a fan of Japanese curry, you will love Nissin Sanuki Udon Curry Flavour. I had it on two occasions. The first time round, I paired it with mala soup. This fusion of mala and curry work wonders, surprisingly. The chilli oil and numbing spices mixing seamlessly with Nissin Udon with Curry Flavour.

A few weeks later, I added the curry powder into beef stock. The thick and chewy udon noodles is soaked in an aromatic and flavourful broth. This will satisfy your noodles craving in an instant. Even if you don’t wish to do hotpot, you can easily throw together a meal on a busy weeknight. It is so versatile and can go with any soup base!



If you wish to get creative when it comes to boiling your own soup broth, you can always rely on Nissin Hokkaido Wheat Flour Udon. Made with 100% wheat flour from Hokkaido, Nissin Hokkaido Wheat Flour Udon is silky smooth with a tinge of sweetness.

The udon noodles are cooked al dente before rinsing in cold water. They are then packed using quick-freezing technology, resulting in silky smooth and chewy texture.

This is a versatile noodle and it pairs seamlessly with any soup base. No matter if it is served hot or cold, it is the perfect choice of udon for any hotpot session. When you blanket it with a soup base you like, you just want to grab your chopsticks and slurp away.





Throwing a hotpot party at home is made easier with Nissin’s udon. Essentially, all you do to prepare hot pot is make a soup that is simmered at the table. You load up the table with a bunch of seafood, sliced meats, and vegetables. Elevate the experience with Nissin’s udon. It is the carb of choice for hot pot, they go right into the soup and soak up all the flavours.


Alright people! You’re ready to enjoy your hotpot this Lunar New Year. Simply cook and eat away. Nissin’s udon is available at all major supermarkets and e-commerce websites.