Sin Kee Chicken Rice Reopens in Ubi – Don’t Forget to Sprinkle Crunchy Pork Lard on Your Chicken Rice

June 07, 2024

Sin Kee is a household name when it comes to chicken rice. The business was started in 1971 by the elder Mr. Leong. After he passed on, the second-generation siblings decided to carry on the Sin Kee Chicken Rice legacy. Mr. Leong’s son, Benson, opened a stall at Holland, while Benson’s brother, Niven, recently reopened a stall at Ubi, just a few stalls from Mui Siong Minced Meat Noodles.



The menu is quite straightforward. For one pax, the chicken rice set starts from $6 which includes vegetables and side. For half a chicken, it costs $19 and whole chicken costs $36.


One thing that never changes is their persistence in using good quality ingredients. They only use fresh chicken which is tender. The chicken is chopped into large chunks, and they try to keep the meat on the bone to retain as much of its natural flavour as possible.




The chicken was served with subtly aromatic rice that was not too greasy and loose. I wished that it was more flavourful, but my husband loved it because it was light and not too oily. The chicken stock was used to cook the rice, hence you won’t get a soup here to pair with your chicken rice. To pair with the chicken rice, you probably can order their Chicken Feet with Peanut Soup on the side.

We discovered something new during our visit, and that is to sprinkle some crunchy pork lard and dark soy sauce on the mildly fragrant rice. Now guys, just give in to your guilty pleasures and slowly savour this ultimate bowl of chicken rice.

Side dishes such as Minced Meat with Salted Fish, Braised Tofu and Braised Eggs are subject to availability.


I really their chilli sauce. It was spicy and tangy enough and had a good texture. It was so addictive that I pair it with every mouthful of my rice.

Niven is also famous for his homemade fresh ginger chilli sauce. It is not exactly similar to the Hong Kong style ginger scallion sauce because this ginger dip has none of the watery base. It is, instead, intense and dry — good enough to enhance the flavours of the meat.

So glad that Niven has reopened in Ubi and it is so near to our office. Will definitely be their regular now!

Sin Kee Chicken Rice

Address: 152 Ubi Ave 4, Recess Time Food Court, Singapore 408826

Opening Hours: 11am to 4pm, closed on Sundays