Y.R.A. Rasool Fatimah – Serving Up Michelin-Plate Worthy Roti Prata

Megan Yap
Megan Yap
February 13, 2020

Y.R.A. Rasool storefront

Y.R.A. Yasool Fatimah is a prata stall that has been awarded a Michelin Plate. Despite that, it has flown under the radar as there is no sign of the red decal anywhere on the stall. I found out about them only after I did a little snooping. They specialise in prata, as well as mee goreng.

Y.R.A. Rasool prata and mee goreng

So, that’s what I got. I got one plain prata ($1), one egg prata ($1.50), one onion prata ($1.20), and one mee goreng ($4 with egg). I was told after that the owner liked their Mee Hoon Goreng Puteh Ikan Bilis the best, which I unfortunately didn’t get to order.

Y.R.A. Rasool plain prata lift

The prata was pretty standard, if you ask me. Doughy, but not too tough, soft and fluffy enough to cut through with ease, and had a few crispy edges. I know crispy prata is not favoured by everyone, but I personally like them.

egg prata collage
onion prata collage

The egg prata was definitely more substantial than the plain prata. The egg was spread evenly and cooked just right.

The onion prata was my favourite of the three. The diced onions added a boost of flavour to the dough. Sweet, fragrant, and armed with just the subtlest hint of that characteristic onion spiciness — it certainly was a delight to eat.

curry collage

Every prata comes with a small bowl of mutton curry. The gaminess thankfully was at a tolerable level, and made the curry quite delectable. As flavourful as it was, the spice level of the curry was just right, which meant I could eat spoonfuls of it without needing any water.

The curry complemented the plain prata especially well, and I couldn’t stop dipping fat pieces of the prata in it!

Y.R.A. Rasool mee goreng with egg 2
Y.R.A. Rasool egg and noodles

I love mee goreng, so I was excited to dig in. Unfortunately, as red as it looked, the flavour or spiciness didn’t really match up to the appearance. Other than the alkaline taste of yellow noodles, I couldn’t really discern anything else.

The little pieces of mutton were cooked such that they were still tender and easy to bite into. Again, not much gaminess, which I appreciate, given that the odour usually turns me off.

Y.R.A. Rasool prata station

Definitely come to Y.R.A. Rasool Fatimah if you want a good plate of roti prata, especially the onion prata. The mee goreng, unfortunately, missed the mark for me.

Y.R.A. Rasool Fatimah

Address: ABC Brickworks Food Centre, #01-10, 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150006

Opening Hours: 7am to 9pm daily. Closed on Thursdays.

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